Time to spend riding

In addition to the time spent writing at local area libraries I hope to also find time to ride (or as my Spyder cohorts prefer – ryding).  I have a Can-Am Spyder that I love to ride and a Piaggio MP3 to get me around town and out to where I store the Spyder.  To the west of where I live in Northern Manhattan is terrific riding, especially around the upper Delaware Water Gap.  To the north is fine roads around Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain.  Farther north the Catskills.  Farther yet the Adirondacks.  All roads I have greatly enjoyed.

It has been about two years since I took my last significant vacation traveling through the Midwest to see two of my plays performed and visit family in Cincinnati.  Don’t know yet if I will take quite that long a trip (4,500 miles) but I will certainly spend more time riding close by.  I can hardly wait.  More information if anything exciting happens on one of those trips.  Most likely just lovely having my knees in the breeze.

dreamstimefree_293004 open road - riding

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WBAB Cold Finger Run

Again this year I joined in on the WBAB Cold Finger Run on Long Island.  Hundreds of motorcycles participate in a police escorted ride from the Cradle of Aviation Museum Center (Charles Lindbergh took off from the field on his historic flight across the Atlantic before being elected a Nazi friendly President in an alternative history novel by Phillip Roth which has disturbing echoes for today, but I get ahead of myself) to Patchogue (where Hitler’s real nephew lived after the war – OK, I’m milking this for all I can!).

The weather wasn’t that bad, 40 degrees with sun and some wind.  The money raised on the ride goes to charity and it is very noisy with many bikes with very loud pipes.  I seldom choose escorted rides but this has become a bit of a tradition for me.  Being on New Year’s Day I am usually free and it is sometimes fun to disrupt the drivers on Long Island roads with police escorts waving us through red light intersections and past stopped cars.

The last couple of years Pamela and I have skipped the after-party to stop by a lovely restaurant nearby called “Bobbique.”  More on a coming review. Meanwhile you can actually pick us out on the big group picture below. Way back on the right on the row closest to the photographer my orange (official paint color is “cognac”) Can-Am Spyder RT-S is in the sea of black leather bikers.  Join us next year!


As always you can find more at my website http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes