A Fitting Finale to an Epic Adventure

Sorry that you’ve been inundated with pictures from the motorcycle trip I have been taking with Acie through the Skyline Drive and the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. There are lots of photos and videos that I must sort through and process later. I will revisit this adventure with new images in the future but two quick shots to finish the week.

We completed the trip on a section of road called the Tail of the Dragon, a legendary motorcycle road. It is a section of US 129 between North Carolina and Tennessee and is marketed as having “318 curves in 11 miles.” It is a challenging course if taken at speed and enthusiasts make a pilgrimage to the site to test their skills. Several photography companies post themselves at the edges of the route and then offer shots for sale to memorialize your experience. Some companies have yet to post their offerings but I grabbed a shot of our ride. Here is Acie and me on one of our trips on the road.

There will be more that I will post in the coming weeks, perhaps even portions of videos if I can get the @%*##&$%^ GoPro to operate correctly. Meanwhile, when we came back from the ride we posed in front of a sign at the base of the ride. A fellow anonymous rider used Acie’s phone to snap a number of shots and one caught a random sun flash that demonstrates how blessed I feel to have taken this ride with Acie. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend and watch for more images in the future…

As always you can find more at www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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