BRP Still Foggy Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

I'm still sharing quick one minute clips of my recent Blue Ridge Parkway trip because seeing them replayed brings me much pleasure.  I love that road.  This segment features persistent early morning fog and enchanted forest land.  And yes, one more fade to tunnel, there are a lot on this stretch but will disappear the … Continue reading BRP Still Foggy Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

National Boston Cream Pie Day – an omen?

I do enjoy chocolate, but not those complicated desserts with six different types of chocolate all piled on each other.  The chocolate topping of a Boston Cream Pie nicely counterpoints the yellow butter cake and delicious creamy custard sandwiched between.  I really like Boston Cream Pie, even if it is more like a cake and … Continue reading National Boston Cream Pie Day – an omen?

Review – My Parsifal Conductor

Plays based on historical figures and events can tend to be dry or preachy.  That is not the case with MY PARSIFAL CONDUCTOR which opened last night at the West Side YMCA Little Theater.  Happily it is a sprightly concoction of vivid characterizations and engaging examinations of a particularly fascinating moment in music history. Composer … Continue reading Review – My Parsifal Conductor