First ever International Snowmobile Ride Day

Yep, they keep adding new Days to Celebrate and Nope, I have never ridden on a snowmobile. And I am unlikely to anytime soon since I have moved to Florida. But I am still excited. This day was established by BRP – Bombardier Recreational Products. Back in 1937 Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented and patented the snowmobile in his garage. In 1942 he started the company that bears his name and now offers a wide range of fun things that all started from that daring concept of the snowmobile.

Of special interest to me is the invention of the Can-Am Spyder in 2007. When I got my first test ride they described it as a snowmobile built for asphalt. And, boy howdy, it is a smooth ride on the highways and byways I have ridden extensively. Once you take a look at them side by side you can see the similarities and components that bring the comparisons. Rear unit locomotion, front pair of directional guides, and riding motorcycle style.

So happy Snowmobile riding to those who do today and BRP is making a big deal of it in their marketing. As for me, I look forward to much more Spyder Ryding and look forward, as always, to my next big Ryde.

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