Review – Harry Townsend’s Last Stand

The new play by George Eastman is about growing older and the consequences thereof. Harry Townsend (Len Cariou) is widowed, in his eighties and still living in the lake house he treasures. A visit from his son Alan Townsend (Craig Bierko) slowly wends its way to the easily anticipated question - shouldn't dad move somewhere … Continue reading Review – Harry Townsend’s Last Stand

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

The last Monday in January is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and there are good reasons (pop) to celebrate. The product was developed in the late 1950's (pop) by two inventors who sealed two shower curtains together incorporating air bubbles. Their intent (pop) was to create a three dimensional wallpaper (pop) but that didn't sell … Continue reading National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

National English Toffee Day

This National Day celebrates one of my favorite treats. This buttery delight is terrific, often covered in chocolate, sometimes with crushed nuts added. Over the counter applications include the popular Heath Bar. You can also find options at quality confectioners. Or make some at home from the excellent website below: As always you can … Continue reading National English Toffee Day

First MANHATTANHENGE of the new decade

Grab your camera or your smart phone and wake up early tomorrow New Yorkers. Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:20 AM will be the first Manhattanhenge sunrise of the year, and in some reckoning, the new decade. (for more on that topic stop by For you Big Apple newbies this is the date (one … Continue reading First MANHATTANHENGE of the new decade