National Sponge Cake Day and a disappointment

Of course, I knew that the sponges used since antiquity were harvested from the sea and had unique properties to absorb and hold water, helping for millennia to clean up around the house. And, of course, I knew that when humans were able to create artificial sponges using polyester and polyurethane, cleaning duties became much … Continue reading National Sponge Cake Day and a disappointment

National Fajita Day and a Recipe to try at home!

We often imagine those sizzling fajita platters being carried through your favorite Mexican restaurant but with the limited dining options because of the pandemic, consider serving it at home with the recipe below. I recently tried it out myself and it went really well. ===============BEEF FAJITAS INGREDIENTS: MEAT and MARINADE 1/4 cup fresh lime juice4 … Continue reading National Fajita Day and a Recipe to try at home!

National Presidential Joke Day

Today's National Day is celebrated because of President Ronald Reagan's joke during a sound check (on August 11, 1984) when he said “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Some were amused, others were outraged but sound check chatter … Continue reading National Presidential Joke Day

National Aunts and Uncles Day

The timing of this national day should not come as a surprise as yesterday was National Cousins Day. After all, without aunts and uncles you couldn't have cousins. See how I went all profound there? I didn't do a post on cousins day yesterday, but did a year ago. You can find that here... reading National Aunts and Uncles Day