National Presidential Joke Day

Today's National Day is celebrated because of President Ronald Reagan's joke during a sound check (on August 11, 1984) when he said “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Some were amused, others were outraged but sound check chatter … Continue reading National Presidential Joke Day

Rare Political Commentary

This blog is focused on theatrical experiences, personal notes, food adventures and celebrations of National Days. I seldom lapse into political commentary, but will make a brief exception today. President Trump and various members of his administration are currently embroiled in an impeachment fight that I have followed closely. I'm not predicting what the outcome … Continue reading Rare Political Commentary

Review of MICHAEL MOORE ON BROADWAY: The Terms of My Surrender

Michael Moore's show is a liberal rant, history lesson and all around entertaining performance.  It is also a story of his background and involvement in the causes he supports.  He makes very good points and is preaching to the choir here in New York.  You know by now whether you agree with him or not. … Continue reading Review of MICHAEL MOORE ON BROADWAY: The Terms of My Surrender

Bonus post: Springtime for our Little Hitlers

Had to add a quick note.  Just read a great piece in the flailing New York Times.  I subscribe but think they allow visitors to read several articles each month.  Give it a read: Hope the link works.  It helps me explain why I am both anti-White-Power and anti-Antifa.  Non violence and humor always … Continue reading Bonus post: Springtime for our Little Hitlers