Follow-up Review to items from and

It is always fun to unwrap and admired new motorcycle gear out of the box. But check back in a few months after the items have been rigorously road tested on both long and short trips. The real value is how they last and serve your purposes. That is exactly what I did. You may recall that I received a VikingCycle IronBorn Textile Motorcycle Jacket and a VikingBags Medium Axe Backpack for review.

Here you can see either a front or back view of both the jacket and backpack. Just move the slider in either direction.

I took a 1200 mile trip from New York City to Central Florida following a scenic mountain route. Since I arrived I have taken many shorter trips through Florida, especially to test the backpack (which is more suited to shorter trips than long rides). Both behaved beautifully as you will see in this three and a half clip. Hopefully there will be many more product reviews so stop back here to find them. Safe journeys!

You can check out products for Viking Bags and Viking Cycle for yourself. You can view the specs for the textile jacket options and other jackets that they sell. You can find the details and specifications of the motorcycle backpack. You can also find some other terrific backpack choices and some saddlebags if that is what you need. You can find the original videos by searching this blog for Viking products or stopping by my YouTube page.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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