Thoughts on two Manhattan Neighborhoods

Today 60,000 people flock to my little neighborhood to attend the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park.  It is always a fun day with lots of chain mail, damsels, and wizards walking through food stalls and craft merchants.  There are jousts, live chess games and many families trying to keep plastic swords sheathed.  I enjoy … Continue reading Thoughts on two Manhattan Neighborhoods

Marie and Rosetta; Small Mouth Sounds

Two off Broadway Plays today. Marie and Rosetta is based on the real life partnership of Marie Knight and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  Playwright George Brant has clearly done his research and brings together convincing interaction for the two woman cast.  Ultimately though the script becomes manipulative, explanatory and maudlin.  He did get me though, I … Continue reading Marie and Rosetta; Small Mouth Sounds