National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day was established way back in 1977 by the “Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association.” They wanted to sell more of those pens, pencils and crayons that their members cranked out at a furious rate. Then came the computer and how is it looking now? Lack of cursive writing skills in young ‘uns is a favorite bugaboo amongst old folks today. Is it really a valuable skill in today’s world? Not sure, what does counter-clockwise mean in a digital world?

The reason this date was chosen is because this is the birthday of that quill pen show-off John Hancock. Here’s an idea, let’s promote the return of quill pen skills. That will quickly send the kids fleeing back to Instagram. And our friends at WIMA, are they still around? You can bet I Googled them to find out and they are still a lobbying group in our capital. I guess even pencil pushers need a website now-a-days and you can find it here…

Make a note of it. On your computer.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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