In Memoriam – Terry Jones

I became a fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus back in the 1970’s when they were rebroadcast in America on Public Television (my father leaned more toward Benny Hill and The Two Ronnies, but I was solidly Monty Python). A few days ago we lost one of the founders, Terry Jones, and he will be be dearly missed. There is no way to explain Monty Python, you must watch their shows and movies to appreciate them. They altered comedy and are still one of a kind. There are so many great works performed, written and directed by Terry Jones but I will always remember one best of all. In “The Meaning of Life” he played Mr. Creosote. You may not know the name but you will remember John Cleese promising him that the mint is “wafer thin.” Pardon me, I must go LMAO as the kids say today.

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