The Cincinnati Reds 2020 campaign

I thought last year was the season we would win it all but I was wrong. Turns out this season will be that magic year. I’m sure of it (as any baseball fan will let you know). Pitchers and catchers report in 43 days.

Of course, hope springs eternal every year for baseball fans, especially for fans of the first professional team in the sport. Some good hot stove deals have been made and we even acquired some pitching. I believe we can build on last season’s promise and reach the 2020 World Series. Spring Training can’t get here soon enough and the first game of that testing period is just 51 days away.

Cincinnati is the only major league team that still has an opening day parade and always opens at home because of our special history. And we will make history again this year as we win another title. Opening Day can’t get here soon enough and is only 84 days away. But who’s counting? Go Reds!

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