National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day

Today is National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day and I think you would agree that nothing goes with chocolate better than cherries. Pamela used to give her boys a box of chocolate covered cherries each Christmas.

Well, mint also goes well with chocolate, I mean my mouth waters for Girl Scout Thin Mints each year. Anyway, she found this brand that was inexpensive and so that made a gift she could afford.

Actually almonds just fit well with chocolate as well, especially when they are crunchy and lightly salted. Because she could afford to buy each of her sons their own box, they felt it a great luxury.

Come to think of it, chocolate works well when covering cookies like shortbread or wafers which is why so many people love Twix bars. The giving of a box of chocolate covered cherries has morphed into a seasonal tradition expected by a wide range of people.

Of course chocolate goes extremely well with peanut butter, which Mr. Reese clearly built an empire on. So now, every year we have to search the markets for those cheap delicious chocolate covered cherries to give out as gifts.

Funny enough, chocolate goes very well with chocolate itself. Stay with me here, combine dark chocolate with milk chocolate and you get an interesting delicious contrast. And wrap either around white chocolate (no, don’t argue with me about whether it is a real chocolate, it is just different, OK?) and it is quite interesting. Add a bit of caramel or nougat or sea salt and the result is….

What was I talking about? I can’t remember now. But have a great whatever today’s National Chocolate Covered item is. It is certain to be delectable.

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