National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

The last Monday in January is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and there are good reasons (pop) to celebrate. The product was developed in the late 1950’s (pop) by two inventors who sealed two shower curtains together incorporating air bubbles. Their intent (pop) was to create a three dimensional wallpaper (pop) but that didn’t sell so well.

When they decided to use it to (pop) cushion delicate items for shipping it took off and the company they formed in 1960 has been (pop) successful ever since. But we know what the real use (pop) of the product is. Stress relief (pop). So feel free to utilize (pop) the bubblewrap in the way (pop) it should, make a video of your (pop) (pop) popping and post to your social media feed (pop) and tag it #BubbleWrapDay. It will make you feel better (pop) and be very (pop) satisfying. (pop) Gotta go. I have a lot (pop) to get to (pop) today (pop) and many bubbles (pop) to address (pop). (pop) (pop)

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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