Footnotes #21 – Cane I get there?

Better every day. If you have followed this series you know I have made continuing progress as I recuperate from the broken ankle and resulting complications. At first it was a wheelchair, then hopping with a walker, then clumsily on crutches. Now I am taking physical therapy and working to get more movement back and steadying myself with a walking cane. I am to the point where I can walk carefully in the apartment by myself but always steady myself with a cane when out and about.

I use several different canes so that I do not put too much strain on any one instrument and each provides slightly different support. I don’t want the canes to rebel against my putting weight on them because I would then have to face a cane mutiny.

I apologize, I really do, but I could not resist. I hear you groaning, I’m going to limp over to the corner to giggle quietly. Sorry.

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4 thoughts on “Footnotes #21 – Cane I get there?

    1. Absolutely fantastic. I miss Phil Hartman, he was amazing and cruelly taken from us. Thanks for making me smile. Can’t wait to start using my cane as an affectation. Hope you are well.


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