Review – Harry Townsend’s Last Stand

The new play by George Eastman is about growing older and the consequences thereof. Harry Townsend (Len Cariou) is widowed, in his eighties and still living in the lake house he treasures. A visit from his son Alan Townsend (Craig Bierko) slowly wends its way to the easily anticipated question – shouldn’t dad move somewhere he could be better taken care of. The script takes its time wending through family memories and character setting before getting down to business. This gives Mr. Eastman plenty of time to set up situations and tell funny stories. While entertaining, it is quite in the dinner theater wheelhouse. {To be clear this means it is light, breezy and entertaining and suitable for enjoying during coffee and dessert. It is not challenging.}

The evening is given considerable heft by the exceptional skill of the two experienced performers. I have seen each in Broadway shows and seeing them in this small house is quite the thrill. Each invests depth and import to their characters that make it an interesting evening. Director Karen Carpenter keeps the show moving in Lauren Halpern’s convincing set. All told it is a very pleasant evening in the basement of City Center.

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