Hats off for National Hats Day

National Hat Day was clearly started by some enterprising haberdasher a long time ago. And I am one of their best customers. I have a large collection of top wear, due to my time in the theater, my use of them in magic shows and just because I love to wear them. Some may say that is how I became so bald today.

But it is also a day to remind ourselves of all the metaphorical hats we live during our lives. Child, parent, sibling, cousin, boss, worker, friend, lover, helper, teacher, pupil, prankster, consoler and too many to be named here. Do not be afraid to wear many hats as so many count on us to play roles in their lives and we need the same from them. We are all blessed to have these connections and as we grow older we should grow more adept at swapping them out as needed. Wear your hats today and smile a bit. And keep the sun out of your eyes, helps with that too.

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