The Color Purple and Avenue Q

First blog post.  Mostly writing for myself.  If I am ever correct about the future, I can point out I had published it here.  If, as usual, I am wrong, hardly anyone will know it!

Recently I saw “The Color Purple” on Broadway and “Avenue Q” Off-Broadway.  I had not seen either original production but was familiar with each from their original cast album.

Why is it that anytime I see a John Doyle production, it feels like the definitive version?  “The Color Purple” was amazing, both abstract and specific, focused and universal.  I was taken with the grand sweep of the piece and felt invested in every character.  While Cynthia Erivo and Heather Headley gave amazing performances, the entire cast was exceptional.  Highly recommended.

“Avenue Q” was a lot of fun but felt a bit dated and tired.  The performers worked hard (obviously the Off-Broadway version has limited the puppeteers and so several do double duty).  But what was provocative a decade ago is a bit shopworn now.  The paved the way and got steamrolled by what followed.  Still lots of laughs though.

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