Yankees v. Red Sox v. Theater

I’ve heard the term “Theater Geek” many times but never attributed it to myself.  After all, I was a theater aficionado, a person versed in the performing arts, even a produced playwright.  But not a theater geek.  Last night I was at a New York Yankees game against the Boston Red Sox.  I enjoyed the game (the Yankees won) but my most memorable moment?  Twice during the game I saw on the “fan cam” billboard pictures of someone I swear was Oskar Eustis (artistic director of the Public Theater here in New York) and it was much of what I talked about.

I have never met Mr. Eustis, but am pretty sure I recognized him.  I am a big fan of his work at the Public and he is a prominent member of the NY theater community.  So even when I spend an evening in the audience of a sporting event I am focused on theater.  Sigh, geek I must be.


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