Not fancy eats, but fun

Adding a topic to this blog.  Food.  My favorite topic.  Not only do I like to cook, but I certainly enjoy eating out.  There are innumerable options in this area and I’ll highlight some from time to time just to hear myself talk.

Today’s feature is notably low brow.  Accidentally ran across a New Jersey institution I just had to try.  While tooling along on Josephine I found White Manna Hamburgers in Hackensack, New Jersey.  A fun historic slider palace (though tiny – maybe a dozen seats).  The beef, onions and cheese were perfect on the potato roll bun and the pickles were perfect.  I was told by the local crowd there is often a line out the door but I got in no problem and hope to stop back sometime.  Highly recommended.  Griddle sliders that put White Castle to shame!  (I understand there is a differently spelled White Mana in Jersey City that was once related but now separately owned and managed.  Haven’t stumbled on that one yet.)  But do stop by in Hackensack and give them a try!



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