Thoughts on two Manhattan Neighborhoods

Today 60,000 people flock to my little neighborhood to attend the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park.  It is always a fun day with lots of chain mail, damsels, and wizards walking through food stalls and craft merchants.  There are jousts, live chess games and many families trying to keep plastic swords sheathed.  I enjoy this day every year and hope everyone has a good time.  I am glad they get to discover our quiet gem of a park and our wonderful neighborhood.  I hope they get home safely and join us again next year.  Fortunately the people who run the event are respectful and leave the park as clean and beautiful as they found it.  Join us next year!

Meanwhile, last night in the neighborhood I travel to every day, Chelsea, where I work, was hit by one homemade bomb that injured 29 people and a second that failed to explode.  My office is just a few blocks from the explosion but no damage there, and as far as we know now, none of our employees were among the injured.  New York City is resilient and strong.  We will get through this.  I will be back at work bright and early Monday morning. So will most of the city.  I trust that the NYPD will track down this jackass.


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