National Grilled Cheese Day

The grilled cheese is deceptively simple but in the right hands, a masterpiece of delicious comfort food. It is also endlessly creative as you can vary the bread and mix up the cheeses. You can also insert some tasty additions, like thinly sliced tomato, bacon or my favorite – sliced pickles right in the sandwich. Woe be to the chef that tries to overdo it. Multiple add-ins or too many cheeses make a sloppy sandwich. But if balanced correctly it is sublimely perfect whether accompanied by chips or better yet, homemade soup!

While the traditional approach is to use butter to crisp up the bread, about a decade ago I started spreading mayonnaise on the outside of the bread which gives a more predictable and delightful crunch. I learned the technique from chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt but understand that others originated the idea. I also spread some softened butter on the inside of the bread which brings the butter taste into the sandwich. It does create a bit of a juggling act, however. However you like it, enjoy a delicious, creative grilled cheese sandwich today!

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