National Bagel and Lox Day and a Florida source

When I lived in New York City there were many places to find a decent Bagel and Lox sandwich. Pickings are thinner in the Sunshine State, but still possible.

Biting into a delicious bagel slathered with cream cheese, cured salmon, onion and capers is a delight. Finding the right bagel is key. There is a New York myth that New York water is what makes the New York bagel better than any other. Instead it is the craft that makes the difference, not the liquid in the batter. Trust me, I’ve tasted my share of lousy bagels in New York.

Here in Florida there is a chain that turns the myth into marketing. The Brooklyn Water Bagel Company claims that they distill local water and insert trace minerals found the the Catskills source of the New York water system. Cute concept, but they just make a good bagel. There are about a dozen franchises in Florida and are well worth chasing down if you are here. (

In any case, pick your favorite bagel place today and enjoy your lox however you like them.

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