Trying to be a patient Cincinnati Reds Fan

There is unease in Reds Nation. Management recently traded away two of the fan’s (and mine) favorite players, Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez to the Seattle Mariners. There is much rending of clothing, gnashing of teeth and bitter complaining on Reds social media. But calm down folks. Suarez seriously underperformed recently, even though he is a delightful clubhouse presence. Winker was solid but we have an embarrassment of riches in the outfield. And games only start today in our Arizona spring training facility with the team we share the field with, the Cleveland Indians Guardians.

We will still have a 162 game season, despite the ludicrous dance between owners and players. We started in a sour mood because the opening day was pushed back and for only the third time since the Reds joined the National League in 1890, Cincinnati will not be given their traditional Opening Day Home Game to start the season. Instead we will open in Atlanta and only later celebrate with our Opening Day Parade and Festivities. But hey, the last time we did not open at home was 1990, the last time we won the World Series. So calm down.

Yes, we have had many disappointing seasons over the last three decades and we are jealous (and proud) of our Cincinnati Bengals after their breakthrough season. We Reds Fans want that to extend to our baseball team. The proof will be once games start, not our emotional connection to certain players. I still have faith. Go Reds!

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