National Frozen Custard Day

For those unaware, Frozen Custard is enhanced soft serve ice cream. By adding egg yolks to the recipe it becomes smoother, keeps colder, and for my money is far tastier. Today’s national day comes with a dollop of an embarrassing story about me.

I lived in Pittsburgh for just two years, but enjoyed it very much. When I later went back to see one of my plays mounted in that fine city, Pamela came with me and I wanted to show her some highlights of the town. There was one place in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood that I recalled fondly. It sold frozen custard and Italian Ice from a rustic little shopping area that was as fine as I recalled. I asked them if they had a website where I might order it and have it delivered to my home in New York.

You guessed it, it was a Rita’s and I was so oblivious that I hadn’t realized it was a national chain and thought it was a local delicacy. Duh. Sure enough, there are many outlets just across the river in New Jersey so I needn’t drive so far to get a taste. I still enjoy their frozen custard and hope you do too.

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