National Veep Day

We mark National Veep Day today as we observe the anniversary in 1974 when the last time a US Vice President got promoted because of Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution. Yes, when Gerald Ford took over after Richard Nixon resigned. It was the ninth time it has happened in our country, though previously because of the death, whether natural or assassination of the President.

And the nickname Veep did not come from the recent hilarious HBO show. It was first used by Harry Truman’s Vice President Alban Barkley. He claimed his grandchildren found Vice President too complicated a moniker and so shortened it to Veep. That was likely derived from the popularization of the word Jeep in the previous decade (a slurring shortening of the term “General Purpose” Vehicle for the new Army transport).

I think that is enough new facts for today and yes, these will be on the test. And no, it will not be open blog, so please memorize them.

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