When will theater return?

When New York and the the world went into shutdown in mid-March, it seemed impossible that live theater could resume anytime soon. Broadway will certainly not be back very soon as 2021 is the earliest projected date and many shows are setting March and April openings, though these are still subject to change. There is a recent excellent article in the New York Times about tentative, limited live theater around the country.

Of course, performing arts companies have turned to the internet to keep their fans entertained with streaming live performances and replaying taped performances. The most famous is the release of a filmed version of “Hamilton” on Disney Plus. I was blessed to see Hamilton both at the Public Theater and Broadway. Watching the streaming version of this exceptional musical was thrilling and should not be missed if you have the chance. But I must assure you it is not the same as seeing it live in a theater.

That is what I miss the most. Sure, film can be fun and television can be well done. But I far prefer the shared communal experience of live actors on a real stage. I miss that desperately and despair it will take much time to return. It will return eventually, but I cannot wait for the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd again.

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