Ramble on Independence Day

Happy 4th of July, Happy American Independence Day.

This is a nation still being born. The Founding Fathers had a fascinating concept that is still not fully realized. We’re getting there but it is slow going, especially for citizens who still do not benefit from all the grand ideas. I have faith we’ll get there, still amazed it is taking so long for us to live up to our stated ideals. We’ve moved in fits and starts, but it has not been enough. If not now, when? We must make leaps, not steps in the months ahead. Excelsior.

For me this holiday (as so many) is all about the food. Tough to create huge feasts in a tiny New York City kitchen, but I do my best. Not a chance to grill but I did manage to use my stove top smoker yesterday to make a smoked chicken. And today I will make spare ribs in barbecue sauce with a nice long cook in a slow cooker. Hope you have a chance and good weather to enjoy a nice cookout.

In the coming days I’ll be discussing the release of the filming of the musical “Hamilton” that I saw twice in theaters before the shut down. If you get the chance, do see the excellent streaming event. It reminds us of the fallible humans who founded this nation. Still working it out. I have the feeling this nation will be finding itself for its entire life. That’s a good things as we should never be Satisfied. Buckle up. And Happy American Independence Day.

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