National Tortellini Day

Ah, one of my favorite pasta shapes and a stuffed one at that! The legend of how the shape originated goes that when the goddess Venus checked into an inn, the innkeeper was so struck by her beauty that he tried to watch her through the door’s keyhole. But all he could see was her belly button and he was so inspired he went right down to the kitchen and created this shape in tribute. Apparently it was an innie.

But I have questions about this legend. Just how snoopy was that innkeeper? We may worry about the NSA but at least I don’t worry in a hotel that the front desk person is kneeling in front of my door trying to sneak a peek. Now depending on how tall Venus was and how high the door handle was, it is believable that her belly button was at key hole level. But why was she standing apparently naked (or at least with a bare midriff) right up against the door? Some legends, like Paul Bunyan’s big blue ox I can buy, but this one? Not so much.

But do enjoy a meal of tortellini yourself today in celebration. Serve it with the sauce of your choice but the traditional is in broth. Be sure that before putting the tortellini in boiling water that you brush them thoroughly in case they have belly button lint.

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