Oh, to be in Cincinnati for Glier’s GoettaFest!

Every region of America has their unique and unusual culinary traditions. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio which has more than their share of distinctive flavors. One of those is Goetta. It resembles scrapple and other concoctions where butchers and families made use of the entire animal and extended its use with fillers in the formula.

Cincinnati was once one of the major pork processing centers of a growing country. Pair that with transplanted German butchers and Goetta was born. Born of thrifty poor families, all those unsellable portions of the pig were ground up into the mix and pin oats added to make the meal go much farther. Now-a-days the ingredients are less exotic but the flavor just as delicious.

Travel very far from the region and people just never heard of Goetta but for those that grew up on its flavor, it is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty breakfast or as part of nearly any meal. There are several brands of the sausage like mixture, but this festival is sponsored and features the Glier’s product.

Held on the Northern Kentucky bank of the Ohio River it features local chefs making use of Goetta in unusual ways. You will find sandwiches, of course, but also everything from pizza to fudge to even odder versions. It also has rides and music and family games. I would love to be there (these aren’t my pictures but from last year and their website, listed below).

I make my own Goetta at home and a recipe can be found on this blog if you want to give it a try. If you cannot make it this year, set your sights on the summer of 2020, somewhere around the start of August. You can check out more information on their website for other food options and I’m sure they will post their next festival dates soon. Make your travel reservations today! And catch a Reds game while there! Gotta Get Goetta!


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#ATOBTTR update – Okay my Cincinnati Reds, you still have a shot – you won the Pirates series and now you take on the Braves. Keep winning series and you can do this. Yes, we’ll miss Puig and sorry he won’t be there for World Series, but Bauer is a good addition and management did not give up on you. I never have. Go out and get them. Be the Come Back Kids of the National League and Go Reds!

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