FootNotes #8 – What a difference a week makes…

For the first six weeks after I broke my ankle I was in either a cast or compression boot with instructions to not remove it and to not put weight on it under any circumstances. It was torturous and uncomfortable. If a foot could feel claustrophobia, mine certainly did. Plus I had difficulty in getting around and experienced enforced resting. Very frustrating.

At my doctor’s appointment last week I was instructed to begin putting weight on the leg (carefully) and to regularly remove the boot when possible. This exposed an ankle abrasion from the accident that had trouble healing due to the tight and untreated confinement. Suddenly the wound is healing up just fine and I feel much more comfortable. I’m actually walking around the neighborhood (with help from a walker, crutches or cane). No question there is still more bone healing and physical therapy to come but I have a much more positive outlook and feel real progress is being made. I started to dance a jig but thought better of it during this stage.

Bottom line for all you theatre nerds: I feel less like Sheridan Whiteside and more like Brick – identify the plays…..

Compression Boot with velcro fasteners

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