LOTS to talk about – Sinatra at Sotheby’s

In New York this weekend?  Sotheby’s has scheduled an auction for “Lady Blue Eyes: Property of Barbara and Frank Sinatra” for December 6 at 2 PM.  That means that the public can visit an exhibit of the lots to be sold at their headquarters at 1334 York Avenue between today and Wednesday, December 5 at 1:00 PM.  It is not widely known but Sotheby’s, Christie’s and other auction houses offer free exhibits for each auction they hold.  They want you to experience the items to be sold to solicit your bid.  But if you are like me and can’t afford to bid, you are still welcome to visit.  It can be fun.

Celebrity auctions like this are of broad interest.  Lots in this auction include paintings by major artists such as Norman Rockwell, Picasso, Leroy Neiman, Miro, Matisse and Chagall, Arman and Hockney.  It also includes paintings by Sinatra himself, scripts from his movies, personal memorabilia and photos of him with presidents and luminaries.  Prices range from several hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands.  However, celebrity auctions often exceed estimates as a wider base of collectors vie for a souvenir of one of their heroes.

You can preview the lots at http://www.sothebys.com but is is much more fun to see them in person and in a few instances, handle them yourself.  If you are in New York, go for a visit.  Check the website for exhibit times and future auctions that may be of interest.  Come Fly With Me.

rockwell sinatra

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