Review – The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays

For the last several years an enterprising multi-magician group “The Illusionists” have parked for a limited holiday season run on Broadway and then gone out to tour America.  This year it is especially themed to be a Christmas show though the dressing is rather thin and they call this one”Magic of the Holidays.”  I’ve seen one previous version and it is always entertaining.  There is a warm and sincere host “The Futurist” Adam Trent; “The Sorceress” Chloe Crawford; “The Deductionist” Colin Cloud; “The Grand Illusionist” Darcy Oake; and “The Manipulator” Shin Lim (who was a recent winner on “America’s Got Talent” and steals the show).  There is also a coordinated and flashy dance troupe “Light Balance” who doesn’t really belong but are entertaining as well.

If you have read this blog much before you know I am also a magician, professionally in my youth and avocationally now.  There are a limited number of techniques that are tricked out in various ways in modern magic.  (Get and read the eight volume set Tarbell’s Course in Magic to learn all about it.)  These principles were well used in this production and though insiders can spot the secrets, civilians were satisfyingly surprised.  Ultimately the “magic” happens before you are aware and by the time the results revealed hard to trace back.

Broadway has been burned by some rotten holiday fill ins for the last year but “The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays” is a fun evening for grown ups and children as well.  Catch it before it closes on December 30 and have a fun time.

BWAY The Illusionists Magic of the Holidays

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