Restaurant Week Opens in New York

Twice a year this city puts on a special deal called Restaurant Week.  It started yesterday and runs through August 17.  Throughout the city 380 gourmet restaurants offer a $26 two course meal for lunch or a three course dinner for $42.  It is a limited menu, usually with three options for each course, of course custom for each venue.  If you are in town it is a unique opportunity to sample restaurants you would never be able to afford to visit otherwise.  You are advised to visit to review your options and make reservations in advance.

To kick off the ceremony last night I visited The Lambs Club Bar in the theater district (across the street from the show I was seeing – Head Over Heels – more on that next week).   I started with the Burrata which was small but nicely balanced with fresh sliced peach that played nicely with the requisite heirloom tomatoes.  I chose the cheeseburger option for the main course which was more than plentiful and quite delicious.  The dessert was an ice cream sandwich (with chocolate chip cookies that were far too firm) filled with pistachio ice cream and heavily accompanied by chocolate sprinkles.  Overall good quality for the $42 and a restaurant I had never sampled.

I may try other venues over the next few meals and will let you know (I am not usually one to photo my food but will make an exception for this series.)  If you are planning to visit my city check out coming next February for the next Restaurant Week (actually four weeks long).  Yep, the visitor bureau wants to tempt you here during slower tourist seasons.  Believe me it is worth it!


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