Review – Booker T. Jones at City Winery

Catching up on some past shows as so much has been going on lately.  I had the distinct pleasure to see a performance by Booker T. Jones at City Winery in New York.  He has been a favorite of mine my whole life.  Indeed my cell phone ring tone is “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MG’s.  If I don’t answer your call it is not because I don’t want to speak with you, I just want to hear as much of that song as possible.  Leave a message, I’ll call you back after listening to the entire ringtone!

He was terrific with his son playing guitar and a terrific ensemble to back him.  The stories of his storied life segued easily into his selections that included songs by many other great writers as well as his hits like “Time is Tight.”  And yes, when he played “Green Onions” I almost reached for my phone.

It was my first time at City Winery and we’ll have to come to future events as it is a great cabaret venue.  The charcuterie and cheese plates were only satisfactory but their wine was very good.  We’ll sample other options on future trips.  Booker said he was busy writing a memoir and will be playing in town more often.  I look forward to both.

Booker T Jones

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