Review – The Iceman Cometh

Anytime I get the chance to see Eugene O’Neill on stage I am happy.  This production of The Iceman Cometh is a terrific production, directed by wonderfully by George C. Wolfe. Amazingly the star turn by Denzel Washington is not a preening look at me self centered STAR guy.  The script is the star and Denzel fits in perfectly which is the highest praise I have for an actor.

There are other wonderful actors I was happy to see on this august stage, including Bill Irwin, Frank Wood, and Colm Meany and many more.  Quite simply I loved this production and was happy to see it on a New York stage.  You should see it if you love classic stage scripts.

But be warned , it is a very long show.  The person sitting next to me seemed geared only to see Denzel Washington on stage was stunned to learn there was yet another act after the first two (there was a fourth yet to come).  She worked her way through it but was stunned it was so long.  Don’t be surprised.  Plan to spend a wonderful full evening with Mr. Washington and his talented friends.

BWAY The Iceman Cometh

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