Getting Around New York City

Of course the best way to get around my favorite city is the extensive bus and subway system that unites New York City.  There has been much attention lately to the slow deterioration of the system and that is certainly the case.  But most often it is the best option.  When it is not, when stoppages clog the subways or express lines go local, I have been exploring other options.

For various reasons I am not a big fan of Uber, but I found Lyft pretty good.  I especially like Juno, where the driver keeps more of the fee.  They are better than traditional taxis because the fee is flat instead of metered which can wrack up the costs waiting in heavy traffic.  Better yet has been Via where a car serves as sort of a custom bus.  Cost is cheaper, ride can be a bit longer, but still more comfortable.

I’ll continue to explore, but have you found better rides in the new economy?

dreamstime_xxl_99789797 traffic cars New York City 10th Avenue NYC

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