Today is Opening Day of the Baseball Season.  For fans like me it represents the most hopeful day of the year.  The Cincinnati Reds have the opportunity to go all the way this morning, not having been tested in the real 162 day cauldron.  It could happen.  Never mind that we haven’t won a World Series since 1990.  This could be the year.  I have faith and hope.

Major League Baseball has fiddled with Opening Day schedules and traditions one the decades.  Used to be that the Cincinnati Reds were afforded the privilege of first pitch at least five minutes before any other team (in a nod for being the very first professional team).  That ended long ago but we are still afforded the only team to open at home each and every year.  That is because Cincinnati is the only team that still holds an Opening Day parade in celebration.

I know that in today’s world I am really rooting for a uniform, not any type of hometown team (though we have had a number of hometown heroes).  I don’t care.  The Cincinnati Reds are my team always.  Go Reds.

dreamstime_xxl_19135499 baseball opening day

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