National Sourdough Bread Day

Yesterday was not only April Fools Day and Easter Sunday but also National Sourdough Bread Day.  I have kept a sourdough starter since I first visited San Francisco two decades ago.  To be clear a sourdough starter takes on the flavor of the local yeast particles (which is less scary than Yeats particles and unlikely since I have spell check).  Yep, there are tiny yeast particles floating all around you all the time and we bakers catch them and put them to work as has been done for millennia before there was commercial yeast products.

As co-workers can tell you, I generally give my starter a good feeding each week and bake bread with my own recipe.  Sorry I won’t share the recipe today.  Maybe in a future post!  Meanwhile enjoy some fresh made bread today!

dreamstime_xxl_30282113 sourdough bread

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Another delicious National Day

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