World Series 2017

I love baseball.  My favorite sport.  Pastoral, contemplative, strategic.  I love the playoffs and World Series.  I long for the return of my Cincinnati Reds and I enjoy when New York teams are in, but this was a good series.  Always good to see a seventh game and certainly lots of interest in a nice match up.  I have a lingering rivalry against the Dodgers when they were in the same division as the Reds decades ago (no, not quite old enough to remember when they were in New York, so no association there).

I was interested in this World Series but could watch few games due to the show I put on last weekend.  So congrats for a well earned first ever championship for the Houston Astros.  Wait till next year.  Go Reds.

Apple Pie and Baseball

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TOMORROW: A stand on Daylight Savings Time

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