An Atrocious National Day

If you read this blog on a regular basis you know that I periodically feature National Days where certain items or topics are celebrated.  Recently we’ve had National Taco Day, National Coffee Day, National Pancake Day and National Waffle Day.  I covered all of them on this blog.  Soon we’ll have National Nachos Day and I will report it faithfully.  Nearly anyone can start a National Day and I have just come across a horrible one.

Today is National Cook Your Pet Day.  This is terrible.  While I do not have a pet I cannot imagine making filets from your Fido or your feline.  Awful to consider ham hocks from your hamster or sushi from your pet fish (though I suppose that technically is not cooking – you see what I’m saying).  Now cooking ferrets may be fine – sort of like a pork tenderloin, I guess.

Oh, wait just a moment,  I see now that today is actually Cook FOR Your Pet Day.  Oh, that’s different.  Never mind.

dreamstimefree_5797922 pets

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TOMORROW: World Series Reflections

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