I take a stand on Daylight Saving Time

This Sunday (November 5, 2017) you are advised to turn your clocks back one hour to stay faithful to Daylight Saving Time.  This practice was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin and has been in effect in our world on and off with changing rules for the last century.

Those in favor claim better access to daylight, improved safety and productivity.  Opponents claim we are toying with our biological clocks and adding unnecessary complications into our lives.  I have a solution that will please everyone.

In the spirit of compromise, something rarely seen these days, I propose we retain one half of the process.  The Fall Back part, where we get an extra hour of sleep.  The heck with that Spring Forward part where we lose an hour of sleep.  All in favor, roll over and go back to sleep.

dreamstime_xxl_60531732 DST Daylight Saving Time Fall Back

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