The Edward Albee Collection at Sotheby’s

When Edward Albee died about a year ago his estate arranged an auction of the art work he had collected to benefit the foundation he established.  Sotheby’s won the right to conduct the auction and the exhibit for the sale opens today at their headquarters on the upper East Side of Manhattan.  I have purchased the sale catalogue for a keepsake but you can view the works that go on exhibit today by going to as well as videos of theater artists who knew and worked with him.

This is not a blockbuster art sale but a personal collection of a theatre artist who also loved fine art.  You get a sense of the man by seeing what caught his eye.  I encourage you to view it in person if you can.  (Not commonly known but Sotheby’s and Christies exhibits for sales are free and open to the public – a great option if you live or visit New York!)  It would be lovely to bid on and perhaps purchase something from the collection, but that is currently beyond my means.  The proceeds go to a very cause, an organization that encourages and nurtures new playwrights.  Go look, go buy if you can.  Like a live show it will be gone in a short time.  It closes Monday before the Tuesday auction.  Get there.

And coming to Broadway this spring – Edward Albee’s play Three Tall Women, directed by Joe Mantello and featuring Glenda Jackson, Laurie Metcalf, and Alison Pill.  A must see.

Edward Albee at home

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