Rare Political Commentary

This blog is focused on theatrical experiences, personal notes, food adventures and celebrations of National Days. I seldom lapse into political commentary, but will make a brief exception today. President Trump and various members of his administration are currently embroiled in an impeachment fight that I have followed closely. I’m not predicting what the outcome will be but I bring a prognostication of the 2020 election I wanted to share online so that I memorialize it. If I am right, I will crow endlessly and if wrong, completely ignore. (Who me? Make political predictions? No idea what you’re talking about.)

I predict that Donald Trump will not be the presidential nominee for 2020. Whether impeached, or sidelined by controversy, or Amendment 25’ed (look it up) he will not be nominated by the Republican party. It is entirely possible a deal will be struck where he can slink off and lick his wounds on Twitter. When that happens the fledgling Republican opposition candidates will be deemed too lightweight and disloyal. Other previous vociferous supporters will be deemed too tainted to be accepted by anyone else than his most rabid followers. The Republican party will turn to a white knight to save them.

None other than Mitt Romney. Tested by fire, respected, clear conscience of the party, uber establishment figure to clean the Republican palate. He will reticently accept (who, me? aw shucks, folks. if I must, I will shoulder the burden. ah gosh.) And that will mean a tight and closely contested 2020 race as he stands up well against any Democratic possibility, especially if they are even a little out of the mainstream centrist middle as Romney will be a reassuring presence for scandal tired America.

Not saying who would win, I just see this as the only safe harbor for the Republican party. Unless I’m wrong and then I’ll conveniently forget the whole thing. But, if correct, you’ll never hear the end of it!

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