Presidents Day

Today is Presidents Day, a day off for many, and an opportunity to salute the Presidents who have made this country great.  Though timed for the birthdays of George Washington (who demonstrated restraint with power) and Abraham Lincoln (who brought civility to our nation’s greatest challenge), it is intended to salute all presidents.

This post is not intended to address the policy approach of the current occupant of the White House.  That is for a future debate.  This is addressed to his public comportment where he praises Nazis and White Supremacists, sympathizes with wife beaters and maligns people just because they hold a different opinion than he does.  He sullies centuries of dignity (rarely violated before, now routinely stained) of past presidents.

If you do not get the reference below, check one of my favorite artists, Magritte for context.

Magritte Trump

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TOMORROW: I cannot tell a lie
I salute my favorite pie

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