National Read A Road Map Day

Do any young folk read my blog? If so, have you ever heard of a road map? It was this big paper sheet that showed the routes and cities where you planned to travel. If it was detailed enough, it covered too little territory. If it covered enough territory, it was too difficult to read. It was better than a road atlas (don’t ask) because you didn’t have to constantly flip pages. You had to buy new versions frequently to try and keep up with changing road work. And it, of course, couldn’t advise you of current road conditions and wrecks. Worst of all, some people could refold them neatly and others just crumpled them up to get them back into the glove box. Who still stores gloves in their glove box, anyway?

Today, of course, most people use a GPS or a GPS app on your phone or on your infotainment screen. If we want a new Olympic sport, we should have a road map re-folding competition. That’s an Olympic sport I could medal in.

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