In Memoriam – my oddest pairing ever…

In past In Memoriam posts I have made personal observations on notable passings. Some were writers (Terrence McNally), composers (Stephen Sondheim), baseball players (Joe Morgan), actors (Brian Dennehy), former co-workers (Norman Nadel) and family members (my dear cousin Kim) among many others that can be found in the archives. Today I will be presenting the oddest pairing of recent passings.

They are from my childhood. While I was a lover of the Beatles, the Stones and Booker T. Washington, I enjoyed a wide range of music. I was also a theatre cast record fan and classical music. From my parents I accidentally even enjoyed Ferrante & Teicher (look it up punks). So when Burt Bacharach passed last week I was saddened he was gone. His melodies are forever era worms and his talent timeless. I was even lucky to have performed in his musical “Promises, Promises.” Of the natural pairing to his loss was Raquel Welch. Okay, not in generations or art forms but certainly in proximity of passings. In my pre-teen and teen years I knew them both well. Okay, my ears knew Burt and my eyes knew Raquel. At that age I did not see any of her movies until much later but she remains the image of a sex symbol in my memory. And for all that was said she retained her dignity and strength. I respected them both and I will miss them both. Godspeed and thank you for helping to shape my youth that informed my life. Weird? Yes, but then so am I.

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