Cincinnati Reds Pitchers and Catchers Report Today – All is Right with the World…

Ever since I was a little boy, and in so many ways I still am one, the beginning of Spring Training has given me a thrill. Ball hitting glove is the sound of the day. Soon, bats will be added, then test games, then spring training games and finally Opening Day. But don’t let me get ahead of myself. One step at a time. Need to keep my focus on the four most important things now…

This will be an especially interesting year in baseball. There will be a pitch clock, larger bases and a prohibition on over shifts, all of which will amp up scoring and reduce the length of each game. The cumulative weight of the many new rules will be a zippier, more focused, and more gut level game. Of greatest interest to me is that each club will play every other club in major league baseball. While I initially distrusted inter-league play, it has proven quite enjoyable. This is the natural extension of that concept and and the universal designated hitter. While it is a fundamental change from the game of my youth, I am all in favor.

Because no matter how badly last season went (and it was miserable) my hopes are high and the possibilities are endless and the potential is boundless. Let’s Go Reds!

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