In Memoriam – My Dear Cousin Kim

My cousin Kim Mahoney lost her valiant battle with cancer last week and she is very dearly missed. She was a wonderful cousin and an amazing daughter. She was a valued and loving wife. She had beautiful children and (I think I am allowed to say this here) even more adorable grandchildren. I spend time in this blog mourning certain celebrities but none more celebrated than my lovely cousin. We lived in different parts of the country but photographic memories of the last times I saw her.

Her family threw a lovely surprise birthday party for her in 2018. She had the honor/misfortune of being born on Christmas Day so the theme was easy. Always a challenge to double up/parcel out presents for both occasions on the same day but her family always figured it out.

clockwise from upper left, my dear cousin Kim, her lovely sister Chris,
her beautiful mother Priscilla, silly old me.

In 2019 Kim visited New York in her quest to beat cancer and I had a wonderful time touring various parts of Greenwich Village with them. They were fearless New Yorkers popping into box offices to catch last minute open seats to see usually sold out performances. She and her husband Dennis were inveterate and savvy travelers.

Kim and I at a Village eatery
As we will always remember each other on a Fourth of July family gathering many decades ago. Kim is standing second row, third from left, next to her father, Uncle Reed, who stands next to her mother Aunt Priscilla in the blue top. Cousin Chris stands first row second from left. We are a very stereotypical 1970’s family unit, don’t you think?

We miss you dearly, Kim. Her father, my Uncle Reed, is blessed to have your presence in heaven as we were blessed to have you here among us.

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