Super Bowl LVII

If you see a Bengals helmet below, you know that my beloved Cincinnati Football team is in the next Super Bowl.

Not a single stripe on either helmet so guess my Bengals are out of it this year. That’s for three reasons really.

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs is an excellent team, one of the best around and they fought and ultimately triumphed over my Bengals. Well played.
  2. The men in black stripes were truly terrible, even granting a do-over to the other team and many missed penalties that would have helped us if called. Bengals Twitter is all about the unfairness of it all but see, again, number 1.
  3. That late hit out of bounds that set up the winning field goal. I know his teammates are trying to protect the player but it was a bone-head avoidable mistake. But again, see Number 1.

The Chiefs are a great team and when great teams clash it can go either way. Hard fought game.

So we enter the great void. End of the football season and before Spring Training opens. Will be hibernating for a bit. Not even sure I will watch the Super Bowl. Gotta start reading about the 2023 Cincinnati Reds roster. Go Reds!

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